Are you a new or experienced local guide?

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about your region?

How become local Guide?


Register with us

For become a TravelBee local guide first need to signup with us.


Create your tour

Once your account is approve by TravelBee, You are able to crate our tour and wait for Booking.


Enjoy Your Trip

Use our Online Messaging system and stay in touch with us.

Why be a Local Expert


Passionate and knowledgeable about your region.

Memorable places

Show visitors your city’s unique and memorable places.

Earn with joy

Your passion us your job and earn money.


Tools and training

All the tools you need to create a professional web presence along with training from our guide support team to help you design quality tour offerings.


Through our multiple online marketing channels (social, paid advertising and editorial), we make it easy for travelers to find your tours.

Easy admin

We promptly handle all customer payments to you through our credit card processing system. Our sophisticated calendar system lets you control your work availability.


Our customer cancellation policy means you are protected in the case of late-notice cancellations or ‘no-show’ customers.

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