What is TravelBee?
TravelBee is an online platform which connects curious people willing to truly discover a foreign culture with ease on the one hand, and on the other hand skilled local providers situated in a selection of popular all countries. They are not our employees nor our agents and provide, on their own will and for themselves, a wide range of services or activities such as sightseeing tours, cooking class, hiking, transportation services, beauty treatments…
Why should I use TravelBee?
TravelBee strives to promote carefully selected local providers with clear and exhaustive information. Thus, when you make a reservation, like any other booking platform we add to the provider’s price a service fee.
After I have booked a tour, can I invite others to join me?
This depends upon whether or not the guide can accommodate your request for additional people - especially if private transportation is involved. To avoid disappointment, you must seek approval from the guide to add more people, before the tour date.
What should I do if you do not cover the destination which I’m interested in?
We work hard to add always more destinations. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to stay informed about our development. We would also love to hear from you about which countries you consider visiting. We will do our best to take this into consideration.

How are tour guides selected?
TravelBee has a team of recruiting specialists who scour the globe in search of deeply knowledgeable, reliable and engaging tour guides. When a good prospect is found, we encourage them to apply to become a TravelBee Partner.
Will my money actually go to local people?
We always do our best to prioritize local providers having founded their businesses without foreign investments to guarantee that your money will remain in the country and will help the local population.
What should I do if my guide is not at the meeting location?
This is rare. However, if you do not immediately see your guide at the start of your tour, Check: Are you at the correct meeting location? If answer is Yes then lease call the guide on his/her mobile phone (see the booking confirmation for the phone number). or call our 24-hour TravelBee hotline.
What should I do if the provider has not showed up and remains unreachable?
You must please contact us by including your booking number as soon as possible so that we can, if possible, arrange an alternative. If this is not possible or if the alternative does not suit you, your reservation will be cancelled, and the first payment will be refunded. We will take the necessary measures to ensure that this unfortunate event does not happen again.

What can I do to ensure a safe and secure experience while on-tour?
Since all travel involves an element of risk, TravelBee.com.my strongly encourages its travellers to purchase adequate medical and/or travel insurance prior to their tour date.
What should I do if I feel unsafe during the tour?
Your safety and security is the paramount concern of both your private guide-partner and TravelBee.com.my If you feel unsafe, communicate your concerns to your guide-partner immediately. You have the right to stop the tour at any time. At your request, your guide-partner will return you to the agreed ending point by the transportation method(s) set out in the tour description.

Who can use the booking platform?
Any legally capable adult can book on our platform. Each activity includes recommendations about the necessary physical activity (1: little effort to provide, 2: moderate effort, 3: intense effort) and the minimum age. Please note that vehicles used by local providers are unfortunately not suitable for transporting persons with reduced mobility.
How do I get a refund?
You may be eligible to receive a full or partial refund depending upon: The reason for your cancellation The number of days prior to the start of the tour your cancellation request is received by Customer Support The amount of non-refundable upfront costs that the guide-partner incurred as a result of preparing for your tour The cancellation policy option you chose at the time of booking.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel, please contact Customer Support.
Is my credit or debit card’s data safe?
The first payment is directly performed on a secure payment gateway (which offers highly secure payment environment). We have no access to your credit or debit card’s data. Data is encrypted and only the payment gateway holds it for the purposes of the transaction.
I may have accidentally paid for my tour TWICE. What do I do?
In this condition please contact Customer Support.
Can I book through another mean of communication (phone, mail ...)?
No. We only accept bookings made by using the online booking platform.
Can I modify the date previously chosen for the activity or service?
If you wish to change the date chosen for your reservation after having received the email confirming it, you must contact us by replying to this email and indicate the new desired date. If the provider is already busy on that date, you can keep the original date or cancel your reservation (please see this question: “What should I do to cancel a reservation?”). Please note: the modification request is not possible less than 72 hours before the beginning of the activity or service.
When will I get the provider’s contact details?
Provider’s contact details (phone number and, when applicable, the address of the meeting place) are communicated in the reminders that you get by e-mail regarding your reservation. The first one is sent 5 days before the activity or service, while the second one is sent 2 days before. If your reservation was made less than 5 days in advance, you will only get the second one.

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